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Tuesday, 5 April 2011


BLACK FLY X RISK X SMASH 137 X MIAMI from Willie Toledo on Vimeo.

wouldn't it be brilliant if everytime i wanted to paint, i could fill up a car trunk with box after box of premium quality paint, so much paint in fact i could slash cans to create next new techniques on the wall...

we can only dream

anyway, enjoy the vid, and the wicked soundtrack...

a quote from Smash 137:

Smash: “As long as I can remember writers have always been criticizing the current state of graffiti. It’s almost as if good graffiti only ever existed in the past. But this shows me even more that only the best pieces can be timeless and the rest seems to get forgotten, which makes sense. What bothers me a bit these days is that fame used to be the only pay back for a writer’s sweat and tears. Nowadays that often comes sooner to those who know how to put themselves in the spotlight using new media rather than to the ones who deserve it the most.”

Thanks to Hurtyoubad for this vid/quote


  1. Certainly a lot of paint. The end result is excellent, though!

  2. brilliant vid cheers for sharing, quote couldnt be any closer to the truth also.