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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Kiwi Dreams...

Kiwi dream by pixelord

A fantastic new track by Pixelord on Soundcloud. Combining elements of dubstep with a glitch-hop aesthetic, the beat grinds and slurs away moodily underneath a beautifully chopped up garage-style vocal that lends the ears of Burial and Clubroot fans. Pitch-hop? Glitch'n'Grind? Ok not seriously, but you get the idea. Wicked track from this producer who i'd never heard of before this morning, thank you Soundcloud and Facebook!

Spanish Kingdom

guy is too good...

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

140 show?

check out a friend of mine's latest podcast from his show HERE.

A monthly exploration of everyone's favourite ever-evolving, DnB, Jungle, future-bass and dubstep sounds, Node introduces a different guest each month to give you a little taste of whats poppin' off in their musical microcosm!

This month Node brings us some of the finest and most cutting edge futuristic bass music about, whilst Teutonic Boom keeps things cold and calculated with avant garde electronica, techno-inspired dubstep and hot... raw... sex!

enjoy people!


Teutonic Kaboom
1. Anstam - Brom
2. Objekt - Tinderbox
3. Boxcutter - Brood
4. Skream - Rollin kicks
5. Carsten Jost - a certain kind
6. Ikonika - Video delays
7. Planetary Assault Systems - x speaks to x (Al tourettes & Appleblim rmx)
8. Jimmy edgar - Hot raw sex (instra:mental rmx)
9. Icicle - Anything
10. Subeena - Picture
11. Scan one - Sub prime
12. Andrea Parker - Nintendo love (Scanone rmx)

1. Pearson Sound - Higher
2. Ital Tek - Babel
3. Tipper - Reality Harshness Defender
4. Kingdom - Bust Broke
5. Koreless - MTI
6. Gravious - Lodestone
7. Relocate - Origins
8. Jamie Grind - Without You
9. Cosmin TRG - Seperat
10. Instra:mental - When I Dip
11. Pearson Sound vs Hardrive - Deep Inside (Pearson Sound Edit)
12. Midland - Play The Game (Dexter Remix)

Mr. 67

Here is a mix from Mr. 67, otherwise known as Visionist, who you may remember from a certain Swamp 81 boiler room stream!

the mix itself is wicked, shows exactly what this boy is about!

aside from some snazzy dance moves and a semi-cult following, he's actually a badman producer from London outfit We Are Dubist and is now signed to Oneman's 502 label. 

all i can say is... Im the 67! COCAINE. POWDER!

Everything is OK.

I think everybody needs to see this video.

The reasons people need to see this are simply that when you are ever stopped by the Police, for anything, you are perfectly within your rights to ask the Officer the questions asked in this film.  You are also perfectly within your rights to film everything which takes place.  You are also perfectly within your rights to remain silent, and decline to answer any questions you wish.

Personally, i've been in a few situations where this information would have been extremely useful - not only when dealing with police but when dealing with anyone who is trying to enforce certain laws upon you.

In all seriousness, it might look like you're simply being a nob.  In actual fact, this behaviour is entirely necessary - without people doing things like this, we have an unchecked police force and unchecked private security forces who employ people who are seemingly incapable of performing their job correctly.  What this leads to is incidents like the one above, and incidents of escalated violence and breaches of human rights such as what happened to Ian Tomlinson 2 years ago.

I'll be posting up a few more of these video's, in my opinion the guy who does them is absolutely brilliant!!




for those that haven't ever seen this it is Mr. Malibu and some other 'geezer' back from 2002 with, well, one of the sickest video/track combo's ever.

apparently Mr. Malibu is still about today under a different guise, prizes for correct answers will be posted to the lucky few.

needless to say, Malibu isn't particularly fond of this musical excursion and apart from being very hard to find on youtube, it is almost nonexistent anywhere else on the net.


whaddawelike? champagne in the venue... thats what we fucking like!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

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