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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Moombahton Pt. 2

Have a mix here from Liverpool's finest and most eclectic DJ. Furness.

No doubt that this guy would be onto this sound early, and it seems he was!!

Here's a mix which he put together in January and its a kaleidoscopic tribute to both slow house and tropical, reggaeton sounds all mashed together in one neat, naughty, steppy little package!


Thursday, 21 April 2011


Munchi - Gracias by Munchi

i really like!

this track especially, featured at the end of this mix

DAVE NADA - 108 & HEARTBREAK by davenada

and here in full

Munchi - Hope by Munchi

so yeh, plenty to listen to here!

i actually like the vibe and roll of these tunes, very much an end of the night lights off moody, melancholy but with just enough of an uplift to give variety and dimension to the tunes (or what i've heard so far anyway!)

i will do some searching and update when i find more, dont know how this hasn't spread over here fully yet, has a very accessible sound i think, like a polished up and slightly less quirky, downbeat Kwaito

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Saarim's Faux Pas...

First mix by Saarim Khokhar

We've all been there before (if you mix...), the highs, the lows, the mids...

Recording a mix is always stressful, I for one have broken knuckles punching walls when something in my mix doesn't go right and its standard procedure that everytime I record a mix I'm at mixing at least one level below what I'm capable of.

My good friend Saarim has been getting to grips with Ableton, samplers, new tracks and mixing techniques and he's come out with this little mix at the end of it... and its quite good!

He's been banging on to me about doing one for ages and he's got off his arse and done it now so I'm pleased for him.

Have a listen, the track selection is excellent which is the most important thing to me on a mix and i've got no idea how he actually did it using his MPD but either way I think its quite sick!

Any feedback would be great that i'll pass onto him, have a listen to his tracks aswell (if he still has them up), teaching yourself production is difficult I'm sure, and I know there's a few of you who'll read this blog post and be able to give him some really useful pro-tips!


Smash of Kahn...

Margeaux (clip) by • Kahn •

after the Punch Drunk EP, this is one of his next batch of tunes, really nice drums, subtle pads, ehtereal and floaty with summery splashes

blood sugar (clip) by • Kahn •

and another, a slower sounding track, carried by a *cringe* haunting vocal sample which sounds like it was perhaps borrowed from a Thom Yorke tune??

either way i enjoy his tunes

here's a mix from Dark Sky's Ministry of Sound radio show...

Kahn guest mix for Dark Sky on Ministry of Sound radio, broadcast on 27/3/2011 by • Kahn •


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

A Posh...

yes please...

if anyone else has any good Banksy fakes or pictures just taking the piss a bit please link me up!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Bare blippy n shit

Lovely. If a little bit short, everything else is pretty much perfect and seems to respond to my criticism of Koreless as being if anything slightly too minimal, this track by Redinho released last year brings quirky, bubbling rhythms, a catchy melody and early, ambient AFX-twin style pads together to create just the right mixture of emotion, simplicity and elegance!

2 of the best...

A very nice tune, Koreless' style really shines through, the work on the vocal is subtle but well done and sounds real nice with the percussion giving a bit of definition to those droning chords in the back ground.

The pops and bubbles, float and bounce over and under each element of the track - as a whole its a satisfying listen if ultra minimal is your thing. The only problem i find is that all of his tunes sound pretty much exactly the same and there's only so long this sound won't be boring...

but thats a minor problem, the quality of production and the actual sound you get when you play his tunes off of vinyl is fantastic, as long as he carries that production through and brings a little more to the table i see this kid doing very big things - he's only 19 after all!!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Zed Bias

some of the best drums in the business

Friday, 8 April 2011

Ace of Paste...

Pasteman - Find You (Spectrum EP) by Pasteman

Leeds dj/producer and Cut'n'Paste comrade, Matt 'Pasteman' Bridgewater has seemingly been putting in the hours in the studio, not only reshaping his sound, but honing his skills.

This is one of a new bunch of tracks recently upped to his soundcloud, liking the way his sound is going.

Perhaps after some more time, he'll begin to find a sound that is truly his own, but technically i think these bunch of new tracks are really nicely done, and there's more than a few there i would like to have in my collection!

Anyway, here is his soundcloud and here is a link to the latest Hush House blog post concerning himself!

enjoy and comment.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Future??!

if you squint your ears (somehow) this kinda sounds like Juke... goes OFF at 1minute 55seconds

btw im not taking the piss here, found this tune on my mates facebook from when he was India and i cant imagine the amount of jokes i would have caught when i first saw it, but i LOVE it its amazing...

thinking about cching joke at the expense of other countries cultures there were SEVERAL adverts in Thailand which i always saw that no matter what state i was in would result in me breaking down a fit of laughter/rude/inappropriate finger pointing... what the fuck is travelling for anyway?!? cant take everything seriously can you, who wouldn't crack a smile at Lederhosen clad, fat, red-face dr. robotnik moustache sporting german after all??

here's some funny thai commercials, unfortunately i cant find the one for thai brand squid sauce that has a CGI squid sticking to everyones face whilst they perform everyday tasks, that seemingly have nothing to do with squids or sauces, but whatever...

and one thats just funny but nothing to do with Thailand

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


BLACK FLY X RISK X SMASH 137 X MIAMI from Willie Toledo on Vimeo.

wouldn't it be brilliant if everytime i wanted to paint, i could fill up a car trunk with box after box of premium quality paint, so much paint in fact i could slash cans to create next new techniques on the wall...

we can only dream

anyway, enjoy the vid, and the wicked soundtrack...

a quote from Smash 137:

Smash: “As long as I can remember writers have always been criticizing the current state of graffiti. It’s almost as if good graffiti only ever existed in the past. But this shows me even more that only the best pieces can be timeless and the rest seems to get forgotten, which makes sense. What bothers me a bit these days is that fame used to be the only pay back for a writer’s sweat and tears. Nowadays that often comes sooner to those who know how to put themselves in the spotlight using new media rather than to the ones who deserve it the most.”

Thanks to Hurtyoubad for this vid/quote

Friday, 1 April 2011


...with the stars

Mosca and Ramadanman.

no more words from me, read the interview. its quite good.