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Friday, 8 April 2011

Ace of Paste...

Pasteman - Find You (Spectrum EP) by Pasteman

Leeds dj/producer and Cut'n'Paste comrade, Matt 'Pasteman' Bridgewater has seemingly been putting in the hours in the studio, not only reshaping his sound, but honing his skills.

This is one of a new bunch of tracks recently upped to his soundcloud, liking the way his sound is going.

Perhaps after some more time, he'll begin to find a sound that is truly his own, but technically i think these bunch of new tracks are really nicely done, and there's more than a few there i would like to have in my collection!

Anyway, here is his soundcloud and here is a link to the latest Hush House blog post concerning himself!

enjoy and comment.


  1. Some quite nice tunes there.

  2. Enjoy the vocal stylistics, even though this isn't really my type of tune