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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Saarim's Faux Pas...

First mix by Saarim Khokhar

We've all been there before (if you mix...), the highs, the lows, the mids...

Recording a mix is always stressful, I for one have broken knuckles punching walls when something in my mix doesn't go right and its standard procedure that everytime I record a mix I'm at mixing at least one level below what I'm capable of.

My good friend Saarim has been getting to grips with Ableton, samplers, new tracks and mixing techniques and he's come out with this little mix at the end of it... and its quite good!

He's been banging on to me about doing one for ages and he's got off his arse and done it now so I'm pleased for him.

Have a listen, the track selection is excellent which is the most important thing to me on a mix and i've got no idea how he actually did it using his MPD but either way I think its quite sick!

Any feedback would be great that i'll pass onto him, have a listen to his tracks aswell (if he still has them up), teaching yourself production is difficult I'm sure, and I know there's a few of you who'll read this blog post and be able to give him some really useful pro-tips!



  1. Bro, soundcloud is showing up as just white for me today. Don't know what the dealio is. Will check back in when I can get SC working.

  2. Okay, sound cloud isn't being a bitch.

    ... sounding good so far, brocheese.

  3. i've always found mixing with mpd and such hardware very intresting. will have to check this out!