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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The Future??!

if you squint your ears (somehow) this kinda sounds like Juke... goes OFF at 1minute 55seconds

btw im not taking the piss here, found this tune on my mates facebook from when he was India and i cant imagine the amount of jokes i would have caught when i first saw it, but i LOVE it its amazing...

thinking about cching joke at the expense of other countries cultures there were SEVERAL adverts in Thailand which i always saw that no matter what state i was in would result in me breaking down a fit of laughter/rude/inappropriate finger pointing... what the fuck is travelling for anyway?!? cant take everything seriously can you, who wouldn't crack a smile at Lederhosen clad, fat, red-face dr. robotnik moustache sporting german after all??

here's some funny thai commercials, unfortunately i cant find the one for thai brand squid sauce that has a CGI squid sticking to everyones face whilst they perform everyday tasks, that seemingly have nothing to do with squids or sauces, but whatever...

and one thats just funny but nothing to do with Thailand


  1. Haha, yeah have heard this song before. Classic!

  2. oh and first thai commercial is jokes

  3. hahahah that commercial is joke, first tune would be a killer set into aha

  4. Tune. The drop at 1:55 is a dancefloor destroyer.

  5. Have an indian friend that is obsessed with this song, it's definitely a classic