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Thursday, 21 April 2011


Munchi - Gracias by Munchi

i really like!

this track especially, featured at the end of this mix

DAVE NADA - 108 & HEARTBREAK by davenada

and here in full

Munchi - Hope by Munchi

so yeh, plenty to listen to here!

i actually like the vibe and roll of these tunes, very much an end of the night lights off moody, melancholy but with just enough of an uplift to give variety and dimension to the tunes (or what i've heard so far anyway!)

i will do some searching and update when i find more, dont know how this hasn't spread over here fully yet, has a very accessible sound i think, like a polished up and slightly less quirky, downbeat Kwaito


  1. Dood, why is sound cloud tripping out flash for me? I'll just salivate at the white empty spaces above, until I restart. :(

  2. Not bad. Certainly something a bit different.

  3. Hmm... so it's slow house music with reggaeton hi hats? I can dig it, i think i like the combination better than either genre by itself.

    would be a good surprise for mixes

  4. this stuff is wicked, check out the nadastrom mix for mixpak records too. definitely good early warming music, especially all the stuff with pop/rnb/dancehall/hiphop vocals

  5. This is an interesting sound. Not sure I feel it though.