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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2 of the best...

A very nice tune, Koreless' style really shines through, the work on the vocal is subtle but well done and sounds real nice with the percussion giving a bit of definition to those droning chords in the back ground.

The pops and bubbles, float and bounce over and under each element of the track - as a whole its a satisfying listen if ultra minimal is your thing. The only problem i find is that all of his tunes sound pretty much exactly the same and there's only so long this sound won't be boring...

but thats a minor problem, the quality of production and the actual sound you get when you play his tunes off of vinyl is fantastic, as long as he carries that production through and brings a little more to the table i see this kid doing very big things - he's only 19 after all!!


  1. Sounds tidy. Need to check out Ghostpoet's album too.

  2. this is nice, check the quest remix if you haven't heard it: soooo good

  3. yeah that quest one is good, i like this one too