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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

To dance or not to dance...

Just read a very, very good interview with Jackmaster here at Fact Mag. It was good for two reasons - firstly, because Jackmaster appears to be a very likeable, and very musically knowledgeable dude; pretty much essential traits if you're going to have to interview someone about music, for a music mag. Secondly, because of this line

When you get so overly involved in the music scene you kinda tend to dance less. You get to a club and you usually know the promoter or the DJ, and you end up socialising instead of going nuts on the dancefloor. It’s shit actually.

This is a thought i've often lamented over - usually during or immediately after a night out, and more since running and being involved with a few nights myself.

It sounds like a non-issue - sure, everyone goes to nights to socialise whilst listening to tunes. But there are definitely times when i look at the front of the crowd, and I see a few people really havin' it, and I mean completely immersed in the tunes they're hearing, and they're so happy to simply be there, hearing tunes out in a club that they play in there bedroom.

Last Friday I dropped this

and a couple people rushed to the front and flung their hands over the booth making that familiar ''reload'' motion - I didn't reload, but I did look up from that point on to see the same bunch of people fully going for it for the rest of my set. The same lot came over to me after I finished and thanked me for dropping that one tune. As much as that made their night, it also made mine aswell!

So why is it that at so many nights, promoters are often seen swanning about ignoring the dj's who are on, backstage mingling, in the smoking area posturing or sulking by the entrance; why is it that the people bringing you the music, appear to have the least fun out of anyone at their night....


  1. People are too serious. To most promoters, they are wanting to make money, not to have fun and my guesses is, it is hard work but people loose their motives the more involved they get.

    At first it'll be for the music but then most people see it as a paycheck or to keep up with their social status. That goes for both DJs and promoters.

    Your not cool if your monging out by the bassbins but if your sharing a j with that new hip producer backstage then 10 points to Gryffindor.

  2. One of my favourite videos on Youtube is a getdarker recording of a DMZ night. One of the reason I love it so much is because you can see Mala going for it. Coki drops Goblin b2b with Robotnik and just watching Mala dance it out from behind the decks is fantastic.

    I do love it when you can see a producer really enjoying the set they're playing.

  3. One reason why I respect Mala so much. He is still loving the music.