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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Peter Pan...

and Robbo (by Panik)

Peter ATG and Robbo WRH WD PFB KOA KAOS inc UA from LDNGraffiti on Vimeo.

keeping on the with the graf theme this week, sending all best wishes to Robbo who unfortunately suffered an accident before the opening of his new show and is now recovering in hospital.

On the subject of graffiti artists doing shows, its seeming like Graf has gotten to a point now similar to where it was at late 70's into the 80's.

Every writer worth his salt and many who aren't seem to be doing exhibitions of work, be it original art or reproductions of graffiti, a mixture of both, graphic design, photography or all of the above.

This seems to be the way the movement is going, shifting from an underground artform/way of life to a hobby or career.

Neither is necessarily better or worse imo - what matters is the end product, people like Panik and the ATG crew are still doing both whilst turning a crew of friends into an empire of music, art and marketing - and you know what, good luck to em!

Bigup Lone aswell

Lone PBK Petey ATG

smashin it with the ATG boys doing full colour tracksides the way it should be!


  1. Dope, thanks for posting this up.

  2. thats a nice piece on the wall there.

  3. great entry, you should write more about graffiti and especially put pictures on! cool piece!