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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Everything is OK.

I think everybody needs to see this video.

The reasons people need to see this are simply that when you are ever stopped by the Police, for anything, you are perfectly within your rights to ask the Officer the questions asked in this film.  You are also perfectly within your rights to film everything which takes place.  You are also perfectly within your rights to remain silent, and decline to answer any questions you wish.

Personally, i've been in a few situations where this information would have been extremely useful - not only when dealing with police but when dealing with anyone who is trying to enforce certain laws upon you.

In all seriousness, it might look like you're simply being a nob.  In actual fact, this behaviour is entirely necessary - without people doing things like this, we have an unchecked police force and unchecked private security forces who employ people who are seemingly incapable of performing their job correctly.  What this leads to is incidents like the one above, and incidents of escalated violence and breaches of human rights such as what happened to Ian Tomlinson 2 years ago.

I'll be posting up a few more of these video's, in my opinion the guy who does them is absolutely brilliant!!



  1. youtube link isn't working - videos been set to private

  2. Link isn't working, but let me share a story about something similar, I think.

    I had just seen a video produced by the ACLU, the American Civil Liberties Union, regarding your rights in a traffic stop. Pretty much was directed at pot smokers. So I was driving to the dry cleaners to drop off some clothes, I was driving along a frontage road, which is a small road that runs along the side of a freeway. There are no cross streets or intersections, so it is quick with little traffic. I was cruising along when I got hit with a laser beam from about a half a mile away. SPEED TRAP. They got me.

    So when the cop came up to give me my ticket, I thought, I'm going to do this thing in the ACLU video and see what happens. The ACLU suggested that you only roll down the window enough to hand the officer your driver license and associated papers. This is presumably to reduce the amount of pot smoke that can reach the officer's porcine nose, or at least to make a more credible argument that the officer didn't have probable cause to search the vehicle.

    So I do this, just roll it down enough to pass the stuff. This flipped out the police officer. He was like, "Why won't you roll down your window?" I was like "I've rolled it down enough to give you my license and associated papers." So the cop puts his hand on the top of the window and tries to force the window down, at one point lifting himself off the ground trying to push the window down! Jokes! I can't believe the window didn't break, I wish it had.

    I guess the moral of the story is that often times exercising your rights is the surest way to arouse suspicion. As fucking catastrophic as that is.

    This is a minor occurrence in the many confrontations I've had with the police. The best of which was when I had the officer's gun placed on the temple of my head during a traffic stop for speeding.

  3. nowaysj, that last bit about the gun is pretty mad.

    I've seen those things directed at smokers, identifying your rights and whatnot. In theory, they're brilliant, but like you said, in reality, all it does is arouse suspicion.

  4. Also, the video just worked fine for me, and it is excellent. It inspires me to act similarly in that sort of situation, but whether I have the balls to actually do it when it happens is another thing.

  5. nice to see someone doing this stuff instead of spouting about it from a chair on countless internet forums

  6. the police enforce nothing as soon as someone puts a camera in there face